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Friday, November 11, 2005

A super-Sonic breakfast sandwich

Yesterday morning I had the new Breakfast Bistro Sandwich from Sonic. For you unfortunate souls on the east coast who don't know the joy of Sonic, it's a drive-in restaurant chain that's super delicious.

Here's the description of the Breakfast Bistro Sandwich from the Sonic website:

"People describe the new Breakfast Bistro Sandwich as superior, highfalutin and delightful. It's egg, cheese and your choice of bacon, sausage or ham on bakery fresh ciabatta bread. We would describe it as yummy. Only at SONIC."

Of course I had the version with bacon. So not only was this sandwich delicious because it had bacon on it, but Sonic is very generous in the amount of bacon they put on the sandwich and it is by far the dominant ingredient. It was also cooked to crispy perfection.

The Breakfast Bistro Sandwich at Sonic definitely rates as one of the best breakfast sandwiches out there. I highly recommend it.


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