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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Essence of Bacon, Egg and Cheese

I recently dined with a couple friends at Restaurant Eve in Alexandria, VA. Yes folks...I crossed the Potomac River for dinner for a second time in 2 weeks! (And no, I have not broken out in hives yet.)

Chip over at Cork & Knife has written about our positive experience with the kitchen's willingness to make a modification to our pre-set tasting menu. Even though all of us were set on doing the 9 course menu, the "Bacon, Egg and Cheese" that the restaurant is known for - and an obvious item that a bacon blogger such as myself would need to try - unfortunately was not one of the 9 courses. But fortunately they accommodated our request to have it served midway through the meal and we were able to include it in our dining adventure.

It probably comes as no surprise to any readers of this blog to learn that the Bacon, Egg and Cheese was indeed my favorite course. The entire meal was very nice, but this was definitely my favorite course and not just because it involved pork belly (mmm...pork belly). The dish is truly well conceived and executed. It is comprised of braised pork belly, a poached egg, and a potato pancake. I'm a big sucker for a properly cooked pork belly, and Restaurant Eve's version did not disappoint. I definitely recommend checking out Restaurant Eve for this dish alone, even if you don't have the opportunity to have an entire tasting menu experience.


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