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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bacon Walnut Toffee

I've consumed an unusual amount of bacon candy in the last week. Maybe it's because I've been fighting a chest cold for the last few days and have needed something sweet to ease the pain caused by my numerous attempts to hack up a lung. Or perhaps it is because Easter is this weekend and I can't stop thinking about baskets full of hollow chocolate farm animals. Either way, I recently tasted another bacon candy I need share with you.

A Chicago-based company called Coco Rouge is producing and selling a bacon walnut toffee. This was not my first time encountering bacon toffee, however - oh yes, my friends, I've been around this block before. And since my last experience with bacon toffee was a positive one, I was eager to find out what Coco Rouge has to offer.

From the Coco Rouge website:

"Artisan smoked bacon is candied in dark brown sugar and combined with roasted English walnuts. The rich smokiness of bacon is combined with the earthy sweetness of brown sugar, bursts of walnut flavor mixed with sweet and salty candied bacon."

The Coco Rouge toffee does indeed have a nice mix of earthy, savory flavors balanced with sweet, lip smacking goodness. And as with most bacon blessed sweets, you are left with the pleasant smoky aftertaste of bacon on your tongue. The texture of the toffee is also quite nice - it has a good crunch that is relatively easy to bite into.

The Coco Rouge bacon walnut toffee would be particularly delicious with coffee or tea, and the 4 ounce package would make a great stocking stuffer for friends and family at Christmas time.

Or you can just be like me and have a package within arm's reach while you're lounging on the couch on a Friday night watching basketball on TV (go Hoyas!).

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